Big Wang

So…. when you come down to Adelaide and you ask me what kind of restaurant that you and your guy friends would be interested in going to. I’d suggest to try this new restaurant on Morphett St called “Big Wang” – yep that’s right…. I’ve linked you to the Urbanspoon page

It’s a new BBQ restaurant that has opened up and I’m going to check it out next week, so I can give you more details then. But I’ve heard it’s a Asian BBQ restaurant and I’m hearing a few mixed reviews. But seriously…. trust an Asian restaurant to be able to call a restaurant “Big Wang” with no one protesting against the profanity of it…. cause it’s literally could an Asian guy called Wang, who happens to be 6’8 tall….. who knows!?!? and nor should people discriminate.

It’s hilarious because it looks like one of those classic Asian restaurant – It has a MASSIVE red sign on top written in the least appeal font as a logo “Big Wang BBQ” – Anyways give you more of an update once I go next week – I just had to share the news ahead of schedule.

big wang


Photo Courtesy of The Chopping Board