Art attack

I’m getting pretty sick of staring at white walls. I’ve still got one more idea to get that hand shadows wallpaper but if that falls through, I’m liking something a bit more abstract from here. I could spend all day (and all my money) on art for the apartment which is really still a *temporary* home plus it’s something extra I need to carry around. I really have to think how much I want to spend on art though. It definitely makes me happy and can you really put a price on that?


I could really stare all day at this. Above vs hands? What do you think? Or both?!

Re: Covers for my hooves

When I think loafers, I want something with a thicker sole. Like you, I wear my shoes into the ground so I figure that it’ll take me years to wear down an inch of sole. What I will eventually get are these Church’s. I’m just going to pick a month when I haven’t spent heaps of money *flips through calendar*Image

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