Covers for my hooves


So it’s that time again to go shoe shopping. I absolutely hate shoe shopping. but I’ve been thinking more and more about what you’ve been saying about loafers and I’ve been sussing online on ASOS Australia their collection of loafers (here) – they vary in range but the ones I’m eyeing at the moment a bit expensive approx $250 they’re completely leather and I’m liking the style,  but I’m a bit hesitant to purchase shoes online. But I have to admit these are pretty adorable. Plus I’ve been regularly monitoring Olsen Anonymous lately…. the loafers are a regular on there *sigh* so pretty.



I like the chair – It’s actually quite pretty. But I reckon you could find that kind of slight of chair easier in vintage stores. But I guess it goes back to price cause some of those places will probably overcharge you cause it’s “vintage” and they’ll see you as a “hipster” – I had a quick suss look on Gumtree Sydney but didn’t see any chair that looked as adorable as the one that you showed.


YOU LIKE TULIPS?!?! when did this happen?!? the origami flowers you linked me too look waay easier than the ones I was trying to so, except what is the language that the instructions are in. I’ll buy some pretty paper tomorrow and test it out tomorrow night.